Cubre disco trasero TM designs Suzuki


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Our Suzuki rear disc protector is the first design to maximize performance using the stock mounting tab.
Used by Team Suzuki in the past on both MX and off road teams.
This disc protector is the only design to give side and leading edge protection against rocks and debris.
The only disc protector that will not add sprung weight to the rear wheel.
Induction slots move air flow and have been race tested to help cool the rear disc.
Worldwide patent. USA # D 592,108, D 592,559. European Countries - 1666981.

Fitment From Parts Finder:
SUZUKI (05-08) RM 125 & 250

Also Fits Models Below:
SUZUKI (07-19) RMZ 250
SUZUKI (05-19) RMZ 450
SUZUKI (10-19) RMX 450